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Boulder Creek Golf Club

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We have been in contact with the Americans With Disabilities Act division of the United States Department of Justice and have adopted the following policy based on their directives concerning the use of handicap flags on the course.

  1. When people have no visible disability we will require a medical document from a currently treating medical provider on their letterhead which states the individual has either a stamina or mobility impairment that substantially limits walking on the golf course.
  2. No person will be given a handicap flag even meeting the above criteria if the superintendent has determined the golf course is “cart path only” for all golfers due to weather-related conditions or any other conditions in their professional opinion.
  3. A handicap sticker used in an automobile for parking in a handicap space does not substantiate the use of a handicap flag for golf. 
  4. It is necessary for us to adopt these guidelines due to many people who show no signs of any visible disability and demanding handicap flags.